Comes Italy

3 +3 is a radial head costutuita from 6 trees on which the tool holder can be mounted ebrasivi, resin or diamond polishing stone and porcelain tiles.
It is this two ductile iron crankcase. Gears and internal gears made of special materials heat-treated.
The thrust of work is held by flange motorcycle transmission. The fixed flange to keep only the pair of reaction without being stuck rigidly to rorpo machine.
The key feature of this head is the strength of all components designed to withstand very demanding applications and extreme operating conditions.
3 +3 your head allows you to work across a large area of the other heads, with the possibility of changing the operating points from the three external tools.
The 3+3 puts in combined rotation 6 different tools and each of them has a different point of contact, with 6 different contact inclinations with regard to the reference radial that passes through the centre of the tools and the centre of the head.
Therefore there are 6 different working signs, that tend to cross each other and combine rotation and the lateral move of the head system.

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