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The TS3 head has been designed to finish granite and ceramic surfaces once gauged by calibrating heads or rolls.
You may even use it as an excellent calibrating head if you add coarse-textured diamond tools.
But it has been specifically designed and developed to finish surfaces that have been gauged by aggressive tools.
As everyone knows, the calibrating process carried out in the first few polishing stations by aggressive tools to remove material or by diamond rolls or radial heads (especially before granite-strip polishing machines or ceramic polishing machines) leaves more or less deep marks, and the surface is not always perfectly gauged and levelled out. That is why the TS3 has been designed to finish and improve the work of the calibrating heads.
The 3 satellites are 200 mm in diameter, with a marked slope, so it can work not on just one point of the satellite (as opposed to the standard satellite calibrating heads with 5 or 6 satellites, 150 mm in diameter) but all across the radius of the tool, which, with its marked slope, will touch up the surface of the material with a large section of the tool (all across the radius) and very powerfully (steep slope). Obviously, any surface marks and flaws are further gauged and levelled out, thus providing a perfect, flawless planar surface, as well as optimising the use of diamond on the next heads, helping save some stations and start off even before using abrasives for the finishing/polishing process. This means more abrasives are used in the finishing process. So, in other words, the TS3 helps improve not only the calibrating results but also the glossy finish of the material.

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